Frequently Asked Questions - Error Message

FAQs - Error Message

Do not load these files into Hero Combat Manager.  These files are used by Hero Designer to export a Combat Record.

  1. A link to the Hero Combat Manager FAQ (this set of pages
  2. A link to the Hero Combat Manager Website so you can submit a error
  3. Typically the error message associated with trying to open either "HeroCombatManager-5e-XML.hcr" or "HeroCombatManager-6e-XML.hcr" files.

Refer to the Hero Combat Manager User Manual, specifically the section called "Creating Combat Record".

Usually when this error has occured there is a character or set of characters in the Combat Record File (xml) which can not be read by Hero Combat Manager.

For example, the following text in the Combat Record causes this problem:

<ATTACK>Local Weather Control III  (Change Environment) Change Environment (\2614 Temperature Level Adjustment), Varying Effect (heat or cool; +1/4), Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +1) ; Unified Power [END: 3]</ATTACK>

This was caused by

A quick solution is to edit the generated Combat Record file by finding pattern(s) such as "\###" and replacing them with the plain text equivalent.  The long term solution is to send the Combat Record that was generated and the HDC files that were used to create the character(s) in the Combat Record using the Feedback Form.  By doing this the Export Template can be fixed permanently.

NOTE:  The example that has been shown is already fixed.