Release Sprint

We are now working on a Release Sprint.  A release sprint is a sprint where all the work is focused on getting the software ready for releasing into the production environment.  The team does not do any more functional development or testing.  Instead the focus is on packaging the software for a formal release through the higher level environments (formal QA, promotion, and final production), final full regression testing, and any special testing that needs to be done to insure that no defects have been introduced since the last release into production. 

The product my teams support is over 10 years old and has a large set of manual regression tests.  In the past everyone on the team has been 'recruited' to run every test for every release.  We are now prioritizing which regression tests really need to be run for this release, 129 out of the +200 test sets.  And the 129 test sets have been prioritized so the most important ones will be done first.  The developers will focus on fixing defects found during the testing cycles.  The developers are also going to work on documenting the design as we know it today, a technique I saw in a webinar last week.

Up until now we have each team has had their own sprint backlog but for the Release Sprint we created a single Sprint Backlog and both teams will work off the single backlog because everyones' work is part of the release.

I am off for a one week on vacation so it will be interesting to see how things progress when I get back.  My first vacation away from the new job and teams.

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