Release Sprint (Part 2)

As I wrote about in a previous blog, Release Sprint, we are currently working through a release sprint.  The biggest issue in our release sprint is getting all the regression tests run.  Unfortunately we have been having problems making that happen.  There are two impediments that are putting our release date in jeopardy.

The first thing has to do with working with offshore teams.  There were two days where the network connection between our two companies was down.  At least for a while there was a region wide problem in Northern India.  But the second problem that came up had to do with the fact that with the almost 12 hour time difference between the teams getting the network teams to work together is difficult.  I finally had to call our support team and get them to call the Indian Support team to solve the problem.  After my phone call the problem was solved in 30 minutes.  Why couldn't our network team act sooner to make that phone call I don't know but it is something I will be talking to our management about this coming week.  We need a way to get emergency support during off hours.

The second thing that is a major impediment is the fact that we have a huge number of manual regression tests.  We may have solved that problem by hiring a hot shot automated test lead.  He starts on June 20th and we hope that he will help us get away from all the manual regression tests and then start automating all the QA tests for feature development in the future.  That will help us get through regression testing faster and more reliably.

In the end our June 16 release date is very much in jeopardy and we may have to push it out one week.

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