On the Yellow Brick Road

20th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I am glad to say that I love Trudy with more passion, depth and care than I did when we got married twenty years ago.  She is a wonderful person.  Over the years I have discovered her humor, wisdom, gentleness, strength, and intelligence.  Trudy is my perfect life mate.

What surprises me all the time is that she is with me.  I know she loves me very much.  I know that I am the one in our marriage who has taken her to places she would never have been or seen without me.  The inside of both great nightclubs and seedy blues bars.  We have been to Dallas, Tampa, and Phoenix because of my jobs.

So how did we celebrate our wedding anniversary?  Well we spent a part of the day together.  I got to go with her to one hospital call (and I am glad I did).  Trudy made one of her special dinners for the family.  Afterwards the kids & I trimmed tree branches.  After the kids were cleaned up and I was in the shower she did something very nice .... She went to DQ and got us a treat. 

Nothing special just a happily married couple spending time together and building great memories.

I love you Trudy.

Gone Fishin' ....

My dad loves to fish.  He and his dad use to go fishing when they lived in Brooklyn NY.  Dad said they would go deep sea fishing by going a few miles to the dock and heading out to sea.  Whenever we would visit Nana & Papa in Florida they would take us fishing.

A few years ago dad decided to take the boys in the family deep sea fishing.  Since there are so many sons, son-in-laws, and grandsons dad broke the boys into two groups.  This year it was time for my brother-in-law Max and his two sons, Andrew and Sam, Benjamin and myself to go on the trip.

Now my niece, Max's daughter, Racheal didn't think it was fair that the boys got to do something and the girls did not get to do something.  Now Racheal is a little pistol and she convinced her mom, my sister Beth, to go to Albuquerque.  It didn't take long for Trudy and Catalina to get involved.  So the ladies went to Albuquerque to do girl things.

Friday and Saturday

Trudy, Catalina, Benjamin and I headed to Kansas City on July 25 to drop off Trudy and Catalina so they could catch their flight to Albuq.  Benjamin and I slept in KC that night and caught our flight to Houston to meet the rest of the boys so we could all fly up to Vancouver British Columbia. Everyone got to the terminal in time to catch our flight to Vancouver.

NOTE:  A quick word about photographs

I have yet to figure out how to embed my photographs into a blog.  I think my photographs are too big.   That is why I am providing links to photo albums that have the photographs.  If you click on an individual image you will get a larger version of the thumbnail.


The next day we had some time before we flew to our final destination, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island British Columbia and the Canadian Princess Resort.  So we went to China Town in Vancouver BC.  We road a couple of buses to get from our hotel to China Town.  The first five (5) photographs in this photo album are from China Town. Take a close look at photograph 0011!

In the afternoon we caught our flight from Vancouver BC to an airport near Ucluelet, BC.  Our flight was on a Shorts Brothers 360.  As you can see in this picture it is a big plane Laughing 

Shorts Brothers 360

The flight was uneventful. Sunday evening we wandered over to a pub that Dad had visited the last time he was there.  Check out photographs 0015 & 0019 to see a bit of what we saw.  We ate at the pub (outside because children are not allowed inside) and crashed early because Monday morning we were going to start fishing.


Monday morning came early.  We had to be at breakfast at 5:00 am so we could be ready to get on our boat at 5:45 am.  Photographs 0027 to 0087 (do not worry there are not 60 photographs) show what we saw on our way out.  It took about two (2) hours to get out to the fishing location.  The mornings fishing was ok.  Sam caught a halibut and a few other fish.  Benjamin caught three dogfish. I caught a lingcod which was 1" to short to keep Cry

The best thing for me in the morning was seeing and photographing this Steller Sea Lion (photographs 0042 to 0047) which basically swam right by the boat.  It hung around with us for about 30 minutes and then disappeared.

Since the morning's fishing had not gone well, we decide to go out in the afternoon and do some bottom fishing.  This turned out a lot better.  Photographs 0088 to 0093 show what we caught.  Some of the fish that were caught were to small to eat or 'trash fish'.  The crew kept them to feed the bald eagles with.  Check out the photo sequence 0125 to 0142 (every number in this case is a photograph).

That night we had a hearty dinner at the restaurant in the Canadian Princess.


Tuesday came nice and late, just like we planned it.  No one got up before 8:00 am.  To break up the fishing and to allow us to catch up on our sleep dad had planned a nature cruise.  The nature cruises occur in the afternoon.  It was a good thing that he did this because the weather was horrible in the morning.  The sea was rough, there was rain and drizzle and the wind was steady.

After some false starts to find a place to have breakfast we ate in the local grocery store which had a deli.  Then we took a hike to a nearby beach to do some tidal pool exploring.  Check out photographs 0174 to 0200.  After lunch on some Canadian pizza (no we did not have Canadian Bacon on it), we headed off for the nature cruise. 

At the dock we were told that almost everyone came back from the morning fishing trips empty handed.  We also heard the water was rough as well.  We were glad we did not go fishing in the morning.

If you check out these photographs you will see what we saw. All of the whale photographs and most of the sea lion photographs were from this trip.  Many of the 'landscape' photographs were from the nature cruise.  You will probably notice that many of the photos look tilted... Well like I said the water was very rough and it was hard to get a good photograph.  Plus it was misty/foggy the whole time we were out.

When we got back from the nature cruise we went to the Wickaninnish Restaurant on Long Beach, Vancouver Island.  What a meal & view.


Wednesday morning came fast and early.  We decided to have danishes & juice for breakfast in the hotel room before heading off to the boat.

The skipper of our boat took us out about an hour from the dock.  Almost right away people were getting hits on salmon which is the whole point of going fishing in the is part of the world.  Everyone in our party got at least a couple of good hits.  Most of us hooked and got the salmon up to the boat...  A little bit of fishing information for you at this point.  All of the lures have barbless hooks this is because there are two kinds of Coho Salmon, native and fishery hatched, and the native ones have to be put back unharmed.  The fishery hatched coho salmon have a fin removed so they are easy to identify.

In my case I had two salmon right up against the boat and the deck hand was getting ready to net them when the salmon slipped off the hook and swam away.  They fight like crazy while you are reeling them in.  Papa hooked and let Benjamin land a Coho Salmon.  Ben got it to the boat and the deck hand netted it.  Unfortunately for us it was a native coho.  I don't remember which one (Max, Andrew or Sam) caught their salmon which was a keeper.

I did catch a Sole Fish.   Max thought it was appropriate since as he says "I have the most soul on the boat." 

One of the great things about this resort is that they pack and store your fish so you can get it home.  It made that part of the trip easy.

Once we got back to the dock we got cleaned up, packed and took a bus back to the airport to fly to Vancouver.  We had a great dinner at a greek restaurant near the hotel and then crashed.


Thursday morning we got up way to early again to catch our flight back to Houston.  I know everyone got home safe & sound with their fish.  We meet up with Trudy and Catalina and got home at a pretty reasonable time.

Final Notes

Benjamin took his camera with him as well.  Here is his photo album from the trip.

Catalina also took her camera with her but they are all in the 'family album' which is private and only for people I have given the password for.

If you are members of the family do log into the family photo album and check out photographs we all took from our trip of family members.

And finally a Big Thank you to my Dad.

Benjamin and I had a wonderful time.  Thank you for the great memories.  Both Benjamin and I will cherish them forever.


Starting all over again

It has been a large number of years since I decided to redesign my website.  For the last two years I have wanted to do something with JC Disciples.  With the availability of Content Management Systems, especially Open Source ones, I decided it was time to take the plunge.  I am using Joomla! which seems like a great CMS. 

Back from fishing & looking for a job

Well Ben & I got back safe & sound from fishing in Canada and Trudy & Catalina got back from Albuquerque.  Expect to see a blog post with where the photographs can be found!

So on Friday I found out that the position which would be in the same building, but different company, as my old position is still open.  The head hunters turned in my resume and nothing has happened yet.  I applied for three more positions and found three more positions which the head hunters have contacts with.  So I got to apply for six positions.

I was called Friday afternoon by one of the places I sent a resume to set up an interview for Monday afternoon.  The company looks like a 'body shop'.  Basically they get govt. contracts to provide people to fill job positions.  This particular postion is with the state and is a three year contract.

Exercising ... It really is fun

When I grew up I was pretty uncoordinated and really not very good at sports.