On the Yellow Brick Road

Week 4 Back in Minnesota

Running a bit late on this blog entry but I have a great excuse.  I went back to Topeka KS this past weekend to spend time with Trudy, Benjamin & Catalina.  Trudy and I went to Salina, KS to the Blues Masters at the Crossroads festival.

Going home was wonderful.  I enjoyed spending time with Trudy all weekend long.  I remember how much fun it was to just hang out with Trudy.  We talked about big things in our lives and little things.  Trudy made a funny comment that we just know how to move around each other in the morning.  It is kind of like a nice little dance .

I didn't get to spend enough time with Benjamin and Catalina this trip.  Next trip in Nov. I will spend a bunch of time with each of them.

The past week at work I have been basically 'flying solo' as the Scrum Master.  One team I can honestly say 'kicks butt'.  They get a ton of work done and go out of their way to make their commitments. Another team has too much work to do with the size of the development team - so they don't get everything done they should.  The third team is stuck helping everyone else out trying to unravel a bunch of development and environment problems.

It is late and I need to crash.

Week 3 Back in Minnesota

This week went by so fast I can hardly believe it.  The work has been intense and fast paced.  Every day I have been busy working on resolving issues and removing road blocks.  Some days I have been more successful than other days.  I end the day pretty tired and ready to go back to Dale & Cindy's home.

Of course I missed being with Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  Every day, especially at the end of the day, I miss coming home and being with them.  I know Trudy misses me - she says it all the time.  I am sure Benjamin & Catalina miss me but they just won't say it  .

I checked out the Light Rail system here in the Twin Cities on Sat.  There is a station very close to the office, less than two blocks, and the Light Rail station goes right to the airport.  So when I fly home and back again I can leave my car in the covered and guarded office parking lot, ride the light rail to the airport and come back that way as well.    Lets here it for intelligent city planners.

Last Sunday I took Dale, Cindy and Doug (there son) out to eat at the Uptown Famous Dave's.  This is part of my thank you for letting me be a long term boarder at their home.  Also I knew that Moses Oakland would be running the Sunday Jam and I would stay and watch his great band play.  .  Just a bit of life's irony.

It is Sat. morning and I am the Coffee Corner Sat. morning jam.  The jam just finished Chain of Fools with three lovely ladies leading the vocals.  Now they are doing an extended version of Mustang Sally.  Oh they just had a train wreck and can't decide what to play.

So the only bad thing about being here is that Benjamin, Catalina & Trudy are all down in Kansas.  The house didn't go on the market this week.  There were still to many things that needed to be done.  Just another delay before they can move up here.  Thank goodness for Skype & webcams that let us see each other every day.

Also thank God for really good friends.  Life would be really hard if I was up here by myself.

Well time to close out.


Week 1 Back in Minnesota

So I have been back in Minnesota for a week and I am feeling very comfortable here.  I can't thank my friends Dale & Cindy enough for opening up their home to me.  I deeply appreciate the grace they have extended to me and my family.  Thank you so much.

The first week at my new job has gone well.  I am going to be Scrum Mastering three agile teams.  One is entirely in India.  One is entirely at the headquarters here in Minneapolis and the third is split between the India and Minneapolis.  Stand up meetings are fun

The hardest thing is being away from Benjamin, Catalina and Trudy.  I am so glad we have Skype set up, which allows us to video call each other.

It is Saturday, 10/2/2010, and I am at Corner Coffee in Minneapolis listening to a great jam.   My friend Scott invited me to come out and listen to the jam.  So far there have been acoustic rock, folk, blues and a great country song that they jammers are working on.  Now they are doing the St. James Infirmary Blues.

I am very grateful for my good friends in Minnesota. 

Tonight I am going to Wilebski's Blues Saloon to see Bernard Allison.

Moving back to Twin Cities Minnesota

Yes you read the headline correctly.  I will be moving back to the Twin Cities on Sept. 25 to start a new job on Sept. 27.  Almost five years after coming to Topeka, Kansas I will be moving back to the Twin Cities.

On Sept. 3, my consultanting project manager position at Payless ended.  The week before that happened I had a phone interview with a company in the Twin Cities.  Then I had an interview Sept. 2 with a hiring manager.  After the interview I knew I would be asked to come and vision Minnesota for a face-to-face interview.

So the Labor Day week I went to the Twin Cities on a one day trip for an interview.  By the time the interview was over I was pretty sure I would be offered a job.  The next day I did receive an interview.

At that point the whole family had a chance to talk about how they feel about going back to the Twin Cities.  By the time the weekend had ended we all decided it was the right thing to do.

The hardest part is that Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina will be in Topeka Kansas until the house sells.



Spirituality and Justice
Looking through new lenses

Sunday, September 19, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Georgia Neese Gray Theatre, Washburn University (17th & Jewell)

Free and open to the public

Molly T. Marshall, Ph.D
Keynote speaker
“Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly”

An ordained American Baptist minister, Dr. Marshall is President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Shawnee, KS. She is the author of three books including Joining the Dance: A Theology of the Spirit.


Discussion Panel:

Anton Ahrens
Chemistry teacher, Topeka High School
Member, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. T.D. Hicks
Senior Pastor, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
Tai Vokins
Assistant Attorney General
President, Washburn Law ACLU
Member, First Baptist Church


You light the sky and clouds with the glory of Your creation

The fire in the sky I see warms my soul and heart

Today I ask You to light my heart and soul on fire

So that I can be on fire for You and Your Kingdom purposes.

May the glow, warmth, and light of Your presence shine thru my life

So those around me will be drawn to

You, Your life for them, Your glory, and Your Kingdom