Week 20 Back in Minnesota (Just feeling trapped)

Twenty weeks... Five months... And honestly I don't see an end in sight for when things will change.  With the housing market being in a historic slump there is nothing to indicate that our home will sell in the next five, seven or even twelve months.  Every month this goes on is just another reminder about how much I regret moving to Topeka Kansas.  I feel stuck.  I can't move forward and I can't move backward.  I feel trapped.

It doesn't help that work has turned into a battle royal.  Every day the rules and priorities change.  Yesterday the expectation was getting X done and today it is getting Y done; but later I am held accountable for why X didn't get done.  I have team members who are ready to quit and have told me so.  I have a boss who has the emotional intelligence of a stone.  I don't claim to have a lot of EI but my boss has flat out admitted that he doesn't get into the 'touchy feely' stuff.  How he became a director (2nd level of management) without some EI training is beyond me.  On top of that members of the team are feed up with the whole situation and I can't do anything to make it better because everytime I try to make it better my boss just dumps another mess on us.  Just another place I feel trapped in my life.

Home life isn't any better as far as I am concerned.  I had an appointment this week with my 'shrink' which was scheduled for Wed. evening but somehow was mischeduled by the office for Tue. morning.  I got a call about the appt. Monday afternoon late and by the time I found out I felt my only choice was to cancel the appt.  That disappointed Trudy.  Just another place I am trapped. 

I would like to say there is some good news in this blog but there isn't.  This was just a bad week.  And I am whining and feeling pretty poorly about my situation.  I am sure there are others in worse situations and I shouldn't complain.  But there are times when even I need to complain.

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