Week 21 Back in Minnesota

Well this past week was very long one.  Every day was difficult because we spent a lot of time arguing about how to proceed with the daily work.  It was also backlog grooming week which means taking time to see what work we might be doing next and making sure any upcoming work has been detailed out so the team can do the work.

I was able to come home this weekend and that has been a blessing.  Benjamin and Catalina had Friday off from school so we went to the Truman Library & Museum.  We had a great time.  We definitely learned that President Truman had a very difficult presidency.

Trudy and I will be going out to see a blues band at Uncle Bo's which is our favorite blues club.

I will be heading back to Minneapolis on Sunday.  And there is suppose to be a big winter snow storm in Minneapolis when I arrive.  Lovely. 

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