Week 22 Back in Minnesota

My weekend back home with Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina was cut short by a massive snowstorm in Minnesota.  I had to catch a very early flight out of Kansas City on Sunday to beat the storm.  We were one of the last planes to land on Sunday.

This was another sprint planning week which means a lot of hours for me.  I ended up working more than 50 hours this week and I don't get comp time or overtime for working extra hours.  I also had to tell my bosses that with the data I now have we won't be finishing in time for the expected April 'code freeze' date.  Other Scrum Masters are probably in the same situation but no one else wants to admit it.  Read all about where we are at in the article "90% of the functionality is ready to test...".  The bosses then tried to do exactly what I thought would try to do - break the sprints by changing what the teams were already working on.

I only went to the gym one time this last week because things were so crazy at work.  I really do wonder if this is all worth it some days.  I don't get very much feedback that I am doing the right thing.  I don't know if the teams' appreciate what I have to do to protect them from the wild changes proposed by our management.  I know our management does not appreciate the fact that my protecting the teams from their constant changing priorities has kept us from losing some people.

We had an open house on Sunday and I think Trudy said 7 people came to see the house.  One couple was very interested and apparently the husband and I use to work together at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka.  We have not heard anything else since Sunday about that so who knows how interested they really were.

After this crazy week I should have done something for myself this Sat. like go to the Sat. morning jam but I didn't.  That was a mistake.  Now I am feeling pretty down about my situation. 

In the end I miss Trudy, Benjamin, and Catalina.  I could use a hug at night.  I crave the familiar rhythms of my family.  I miss them terribly and without them the stress of work is very difficult.  Hopefully the house sells soon and our living situation will change soon.

Reminds me of the "How Long Blues"...

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