Week 24 Back in Minnesota

Well this week Trudy was on the front page of the Capital Journal which you can read all about.  If you want to know more just email or Facebook her about it.  I am very proud of her work. 

She is also going to be working part time for a ELCA congregation in Topeka that just called a new pastor who won't be arriving for a few months.  The interim pastor will be leaving soon and I gather from what Trudy told me she was their first choice to fill the gap.  Again I am very proud of her.

On the house selling front Trudy and I have come to the conclusion that our current agent was not doing a good job.  Big things like the description of our house in on the web & listings

Quiet neighborhood - yet convenient to Wanamaker corridor - grocery shopping, mall, freeway access. Enjoy lots of mature trees w/almost every tree blooming in the Spring. Sprinkler system - house can fill all your needs!

was really weak.  This was frustrating since other listing the agent had written were glowing.  The agent's only suggestion was to drop the price by $10k.  We had other suggestions to make first but the agent was not interested in any of those ideas. 

So we are going with another agent.  The house will come off the market for 3 weeks.  The new agent had some suggestions on minor fixing up - at least on of the items we thought about doing anyway but we need some $s to do it.  I got a small year end bonus from work which will cover that so we can do it.  We are also going to get her to add the following to the listing

Man-cave : big enough for pool table + large screen TV & entertainment center

Work room : workbench + shelving

Large amount of shelved storage space

Screened porch + Deck

Very large master bedroom + walk in closet + master bathroom + jetted bathtub

Programmable in ground sprinkler system

As for my work and life here in Minneapolis it is going pretty well.  Aside from another crazy week at work.  I am pretty tired of +45 hr work weeks.  I feel like I should be able to get my job done in 40 to 45 hours.  I did get the gym every day this week and that is a good thing.  Next week is  Sprint Planning week which means +50 hour work week .

I plan on going to the Sat. morning Jam here in a bit.  Last week I took my guitar and played (see this post).  This week I may lead a few songs - we shall see .

I am also going out tonight to a party where a bunch of my friends from Guidant (now Boston Scientific).  It will be wonderful to see them and catch up.

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