Week 25 Back in Minnesota

Well this was my long week of Sprint Planning with my three teams at work.  In the end I worked 47 hours and still left early on Friday .  Just nuts.  For more on work check out Some are Scrumming

Well Trudy has been very busy with her work with other clergy in Topeka to try and get the state govt. from taking action that will cause serious harm to a very vulnerable part of the population.  I think she was a little surprised that everyone who showed up at her latest meeting wasn't 100% on board.

As for me I tried my very best to keep my head down and plow through the work week.  I did get out my guitar a few times this week which is good because I volunteered to play at church this coming Sunday.  About once a month the congregation has 'instrument' Sunday which means that an odd assortment of instruments show up and get played - which always seems to work.  Fortunately for me the pastor also plays guitar so I won't be alone when I play because I don't know the hymns very well.

Today I will be heading out to the weekly guitar jam and play some blues and other songs with the folks there.  Then I will be practicing hymns this afternoon ... Hopefully not until my fingers bleed .

On Sunday one of my co-workers from Atlanta and I are going to Famous Dave's for BBQ and the weekly Moses Oakland blues jam.  Pavan is from India and a photographer.  So I am not sure if he has ever been to a blues joint or seen a blues jam but I figured this will be a good experience for him.

The one great thing about next week is that I head back to Topeka on Thurs.  I really miss Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  I do still wonder how much longer we are going to be living apart because it is very hard.  As long as I stay very busy I can tolerate this separation but all I am doing is tolerating it.  My prayer is "Soon soon soon Lord let us move onto the next step of our journey together as a family".

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