Week 26 Back in Minnesota

Something ironic happened  yesterday when Trudy and I picked up Catalina at church (yes I am in Topeka for the weekend).  The pastor's wife came over and gave me a big hug and said "I just can't imagine how you can handle being apart like this.  I really hope your house sells soon."  It is ironic because if you had told me a year ago I would be in this situation I would have said no way in hell I would be doing this.  But here I am and honestly for me there is no end in sight.  Trudy is optimistic that the house is going to sell in the next few months.  But I don't have any hope or opinion on when it is going to sell anymore.   I just hope it sells before I wear out my welcome at Dale's home in Minnesota.

As for my life in Minnesota there are some really great things that have been happening.  For work stuff you can read about that by checking out my Project Management articles.

The part that is going very well is the freedom that living in Minnesota and only being answerable for being at work early enough to get to the gym and for my own self-respect.  What that means is that I have done things like go out to see Moses Oakland's Sunday night jam, or a company happy hour, or go see a bad movie, or watch an old TV series on DVD, or Sat. morning jam sessions.  Essentially I am responsible to myself and not answerable to anyone else while I am in Minnesota.  And I have decided to full advantage of my freedom while I am in Minnesota.

That doesn't mean I don't miss Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  I miss them very much.   But I can't do anything about being apart these days.  Nothing I do will make our house sell any faster or slower.  It just is the way it is.  So I have decided to enjoy the parts of this experience that I can and try to minimize the parts I hate (being apart from Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina).

So I started taking my guitar to the Sat. morning jam sessions and playing with everyone else.  This has been a real boast for me.  I also played at church this last weekend.  I didn't practice enough to play as well as I would have liked too have played but I didn't train wreak so I guess I will be playing with them again.  Next time I will just have to practice more.

Well it is time to sign off.  Trudy and I have a house upgrade to do which will make the master bathroom look nicer.

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