Week 29 Back in Minnesota

27% of home sales in Topeka were foreclosures or short sales

Ok if you read last weeks blog post, Week 28, you know we found out that 27% of all home sales in Topeka Kansas were foreclosures or short sales.  What is jaw dropping about that information is our previous agent never mentioned that to us at all.  And the local news outlets have never reported those kinds of numbers at all.    Makes you wonder who is in whose pockets in Topeka.

Fortunately a most excellent friend of mine said - just because I am taking a 'haircut' in Topeka doesn't mean everything is bad.  People are taking worse 'haircuts' here in Minneapolis.  So maybe once our home sells in Topeka we will be able to balance out ok here.

In all honesty, I almost don't care about the money anymore.  I just want us all to be together.

Even though I had the flu on Sunday and stayed home from work on Monday and have been coughing for most of the week, this has been a good week.  I am doing very well.  I am enjoying my job.  I am enjoying the parts of my life in the Twin Cities which are really good.  It is great to have friends like Dale and Cindy who are letting me stay at their place.  Their sons are really excellent to me.  I feel like a long lost weird uncle which is nice.

Trudy and I have been having some excellent conversations on the phone lately.  It is exciting to hear about her work both as a interim pastor and also her work organizing on the KNI issue.  I am very proud of her.

Benjamin is doing very well in school.  One of his classes is about web site design.  He has been learning about CSS lately, which is a good thing because I know very little about CSS .  I am going to have him help me with this website by improving the CSS on the site.  He is excited to help out the old man.

Catalina is also doing very well in school.  In fact she is doing so well that she got 100% on the state math assessment test.  I am not sure what that means except that she is very good at math.  We already knew she was very good at math.  Actually she is quite the scholar and musician.  Hope to get another concert when I go home this coming week.

As for myself as many of you know I have Bi-Polar type II.  I now have a regular therapist who I am seeing every week and I am in group therapy which is helping so very much.  It is great to have people to work with that hopefully help me get healthier.

Well it is time to take care of chores for the weekend.

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