Week 31 Back in Minnesota

So we continue to have house showings, here is our MLS listing, at our house.  Unfortunately no one has come close to making an offer yet.  I know that eventually we will have a someone come through that will fall in love with the house and make an offer.  I just pray it happens sooner rather than later.  Speaking about praying this is one of those selfish times when I wish my grandma Catalina was still alive.  When that woman prayed God listened and answered her prayers.  I know God answers all prayers but it seems the answer to her prayers always seemed to turn out really for the best.  For instance my becoming a Christian (read about that here).  God answers the prayers of the righteous.  She seemed to be a righteous person (someone right with God).

This has been a pretty good week for me.  I always have problems right before, usually the day before, I have to come back to Minnesota.  It is kind of 'early homesickness'.  I will be honest, I cry because I don't want to be away from Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  My 'homesickness' lasts for about an hour or two and then I am fine.  In fact once I am in Minnesota I am in Minnesota now.  That is one of the changes between now and the way things were when I first got here.  I use to 'long' to be back in Topeka KS.  I didn't accept the reality of being here in Minnesota.

Now I not only accept the reality of being here in Minnesota, for the long haul, I have found ways to enjoy my time away from Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  While I am here I am only answerable to myself for my time.  As long as I get to work on time and do my job I can pretty much do what I want with the rest of my time.  That frees me to do a lot of other things.  Since I have been here I have been to at least two blues shows a month (.

It has been seven and half (7 1/2) months since I started working in Minnesota and some how we are all still together.  This week at work I started transitioning to my new teams.  This transition was in the works since Jan. when my boss and I talked about the fact that I could not handle three teams.  If we had been all together in the Twin Cities I might have had the emotional cushion to handle three teams.  But with my Bipolar I might not have been able to handle it. 

The fact of the matter is I have to spend some of my emotional capacity to work on my stuff to get as mentally and emotionally healthy as I can.  I have a great opportunity to do that right now.  So backing down from some of the stress at work is exactly what I need right now.

Well it is time to do a bunch of chores to get the house ready for another showing.

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