Week 32 Back in Minnesota

Home Buyers or How to be a brat

I have to open this weeks blog with some of the crazy stuff that we are hearing from home buyers.  Now this is the third home we have sold in the our marriage.  The other homes were sold in much easier sales markets and I get that it is a buyers market right now.  Having said that some of the things people are leaving for comments are just whinny and over the top demanding.  So look at our MLS first and then read this sample of actual quotes:

  • Buyers like the locations but thought the home was to dated for the price
  • They really want all four B/Rs on the same floor.
  • There are things they like about it and things they don't. They really want all 4 B/Rs on the same floor because their children are very young. House needs updating and no fence. Room sizes are nice.

So my favorite one is wanting all four bedrooms on the same floor.  What I am suppose to reconfigure the house, like a Lego building, so all the bedrooms are on the same floor.  What a dingbat comment.  Or "has no fence" well buy the house and put in a fence.  We have teenagers and we don't need a fence.  Or "house needs updating" is just code words for "we want ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, kitchen, granite counter tops, & stainless steel appliances, etc."  If those areas needed to be updated when we bought the house we would have updated them but they were all in great shape.  To replace them when they didn't need to be replaced would have been an act of vanity and a waste of money.  Almost every article I have read states that those kinds of updates to a house are never recovered when the house is sold.

Trudy and I have looked at some on line listings for homes in the Twin Cities.  The things that have eliminated homes for us are items like too close to railroad tracks, inspector information that causes us concern (electrical or plumbing), or not enough full bathrooms (1 full and a 1/2 bathroom).  Of course Trudy and I are practical people and don't tend to be vain.

That is enough on the topic of silly home buyers for this blog.

Being Independent and enjoying my independence

It has been 32 weeks since I moved back to Minnesota.  Eight months of living a split life.  As strange as it may seem I actually enjoy my time here in Minnesota.  I enjoy the freedom that I have doing what I want at night and on the weekends.  Our marriage counselor was right, being apart would be helpful.  I was too tangled up with Trudy and her life, especially her professional life.   I didn't have a life of my own and that was a mistake. 

So when we are all together again one of the things I will be doing is integrating this new life of independence with a life of being dependent and being needed by others so that my "self" is nurtured by what "I" need and what the "we" needs.  The "we" being Trudy and I; Benjamin and I; Catalina and I; and all of us together.  I am guessing it will take at least as long as the time being apart has been to make that happen.

So yesterday I did something I haven't done in at least a decade, I went to first day opening of a movie.  I went to see Thor.  I went by myself and enjoyed myself.  It was a good comic book movie.  Kenneth Branagh is such a good director that it is hard to imagine that he would make a bad movie.  He did a very good job with the material he had to work with.

Last Sunday I went to the 2011 Road to Memphis

Both of those events would have been very hard to do if I was living with my family.  If I had gone and done them I would have felt guilty even if I had "permission" to go.  All because I have the idea that I have to spend all my non-working time with my family.

I still miss Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina very much.  I want to be together sooner rather than later.  I just know I will have to adjust to a new situation when we are together again.  And I look forward to the day when we are together so I can start working on making those adjustments.

Well it is time to head to the Sat. morning Jam!


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