Week 40 Back in Minnesota (Not)

Well I am not in Minnesota this weekend, 4th of July weekend because I am in Topeka Kansas with Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina.  This is probably the last time I will be making a round trip back to Topeka Kansas.  We did not sell the house.  We have re-priced the house down (again).  You can see the change on Zillow soon.  Trudy and I both just want to see her career get restarted and that is not going to happen in Topeka.  We also want Benjamin and Catalina to be in their new school this year.  It would definitely be better for both of them to start out this year at a new school.

While talking to our real estate agent yesterday she told us that it is very likely that our home could be rented and at a profit.  She gave us the name of someone in town who manages rental properties for people who are just looking for investment properties or folks like us who have a home and need to rent it.  So we are looking into that option as well.  We hope to talk to him before I leave next week.

As for the actual move it looks like Trudy and the kids will come up the weekend of July 22nd to look for rentals or sign a lease based on my narrowing down options.  They will also get signed up in school and registered for classes.  If Trudy has time she will check in with the synod offices and let them know when she is available to start working with them in August.

Then I may just ride back down with them to Topeka to help start the packing and loading process.  Roger (my brother), Ramon (my brother in law) and Mark (a dear friend) have all said they may be able to help us with driving the trucks.  Yes I said trucks.  It is likely we will need two rental trucks plus the van to move our stuff.  That is after we 'get rid' of what we don't need.

As for my therapy that is going very well.  I have noticed that I am dealing with anxiety and stress better than I did before.  I don't bury it as often and I am learning to live with it in the moment.  I am sometimes very anxious and scared because I haven't prepared my 'defenses' against all possible outcomes but by living in the moment I have found that I am happier and calmer afterwards.  My therapist has said those are good signs.  I have a long long ways to go and the progress helps me keep at the journey.

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