Week 44 Back in Minnesota

We are all together for a long weekend

Trudy, Benjamin, Catalina and myself are all together in a hotel in St. Paul MN this weekend.  They came up to pick a place to live, sign the lease, and get the kids registered for school. They came by the office on Friday at lunch so we could go out with my co-workers and friends to the Rack Shack for BBQ.  Benjamin and Catalina made a good impression on the people who meet them. 

Trudy, Benjamin and Catalina spent the day looking at the four places I had scouted out as places to live.  They liked the two houses better than the apartments which wasn't a surprise to me.  In the end we decided on a house in the Highland Park area.  We are only about two miles away from Highland High School which is where Benjamin and Catalina will go to school.

Topeka house front

Well since we lowered the price to the point where we are now underwater we are getting showings.  No one has left any feedback from the showings so we have no idea what any of the people who have come to see the house think.  They probably are waiting for us to lower the price even more.  We have also lowered the price for renting the house as well.  We haven't had any renters show up yet.  Hopefully something happens with the house because we are not going to be able to make house payments and rent at the same time for very long before we have just walk away from the house.

My own mental state

I have found myself very anxious about the future and what is going to happen with the house.  I am also anxious about all of us living together again.  Fortunately I am now very aware of these feelings are where they are coming from so it makes it possible to deal with them. 

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