Week 45 Back in Minnesota

Big changes in two weeks

Last weekend Trudy, Benjamin, Catalina and I picked a place to live here in the Twin Cities.  We will be living in the Highland Park area.  We are only about two miles away from Highland High School which is where Benjamin and Catalina will go to school.  Here is a YouTube video of the house (just turn off your sound because the music is terrible).  So the moving date has been set.  I will be flying back to Kansas on Aug. 13 to help finish the packing.  We will be loading rental moving trucks on August 18th.  Driving up to the Twin Cities on August 19th.  And then unpacking the trucks on August 20th.

If any of you are able to help with any part of this move it would be greatly appreciated.

We are so grateful that my brother Roger is coming out to help us with driving one of the trucks and unpack the trucks in the Twin Cities.  He is a great guy!

So in two weeks the experience of living apart will come to an end for all of us.  Trudy and I both know there will be a time of adjustment to get use to living together again.  Hopefully that will not take 47 weeks to happen. 

Topeka house

We have had many showings but no one has been interested enough to come back a second time or make an offer.  It is disheartening because we set the price to a point where we are 'underwater'.  You would think someone would recognize that our house was a steal at this price.  We have also had a couple of people who were interested in renting it but that hasn't happened either.  Like I have said before we can't afford to be making house payments and rent payments for too long before we will be drowning.  Now I am starting to understand why people are walking away from their homes and taking the hit on their financial history.  A short history of how we all got here.


Yes I am excited about being together.  I am also nervous and anxious about the upcoming move.  There is a lot to do in two short weeks.  With hard deadlines that means a lot of hard work and long hours.  I am grateful to Trudy and the children for their hard work.  I am sure it will all work out.  But I am still nervous and anxious.

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