Week 46 Back in Minnesota

Separation is ending

I am about to fly back to Kansas City and then Trudy and the kids will be taking me back to Topeka KS for the last time (I hope) .  The long separation from my family is about to end.  I am both very happy and also anxious about the change.  I am happy because I have missed being with them all the time.  I have missed the interaction with Trudy, Benjamin, and Catalina.  My interaction with each of them and the interaction between each of them.  I have missed watching Catalina and Benjamin grow up this last year.  I have missed being with Trudy.

I am anxious about the change because I have become use to living by myself.  I have developed patterns of living that help me cope with being alone.  I am not use to 'answering' to anyone.  I am not use to having anyone daily expectations on me.  I am not sure how I will handle these changes.  I think since I am aware of these changes I will be better able to cope with them.

The plan

One of the new things for us is that the plan is Trudy's plan.  Usually I have the moving plan.  This time I am leaving everything in her hands.  I am trying to learn how to not be in control of everything.  So the plan is to pack Sunday thru Tue.  Wed. we get the first truck and start packing it.  Thurs we get the second truck and finish packing the first truck and pack the second truck.  Most of the help shows up on Thurs to pack trucks.  Roger, my brother, shows up on Thurs. evening.

We will then drive up on Friday to the Twin Cities.  On Sat. we will unload the trucks in the Twin Cities.  I have arranged for help with unloading the trucks.

New Journeys

This blog "Week x Back in Minnesota" is going to be laid to rest after this week.  I think I will be starting something new.  It seems like I am starting a new chapter in my life and a new title makes sense.

I hope other people found this blog useful.  I found it useful to write about my weekly experiences.

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