Support Redeemer Lutheran Church Youth going to 2012 Youth Gathering in New Orleans

The youth of Redeemer Lutheran Church in St. Paul are going to the 2012 Youth Gathering in New Orleans.  An ELCA Youth Gathering includes elements of fun, spiritual growth, and service.  These gatherings are intended to help the youth who go (and their adult chaperons) grow in their faith, spiritual discipleship and connect faith with daily living.  As you can imagine these trips are expensive.  Here is how you can help.  From May 11 to 14 Linder's is going to provide Redeemer Lutheran Church 15% from your total pretax purchase.  You just need to bring in the coupon from this PDF That didn't happen.  I started on Tues. and on Thurs. morning I was meeting with the clients for the first time and running the kickoff meeting for the project we are doing.  I had to come up with an agenda and put together a project folder in an afternoon with a bit of help.

The company has completed a large number of projects with this client.  The engagement manager told me that the client product sponsor is a personal friend of his.  This is good because that helps build a good bond between the company and the client. 

The kickoff meeting went very well and the client and my co-workers were very pleased with how I ran the meeting.  I got positive feedback from the consulting manger who said "Not only did you run the meeting buy you had dug into the project details.  You knew the project very well."  That felt good.

On Friday back at the office I started looking over the documents I need to complete by next Friday and I started to get anxious again.  There is a lot to do in a week.  Somehow it will all work out.

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