Buddy Guy Teaches the Blues - Video Review

This is a hard video for me to review because it has some excellent material but it also has some flaws that are hard to overlook.

The best thing about this video is that Buddy Guy covers a large number of styles on this tape. He shows how to play in the style of T-Bone Walker, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and of course his own style. He points out some critical techniques that are needed to master T-Bone Walker's Stormy Monday. He also shows how to make a bigger sound when you are working with a small group.

The big flaw with this tape is that Buddy Guy doesn't really teach, he just shows the techniques as he plays each of the exercises. There is a booklet that contains tabulature and standard notion for all of the exercises. This tape is not for a beginning guitar player.

Danelectro Cool Cat

Digitech RP-3

When I first started playing my Tex-Mex Strat I was hanging out with someone who had a rack effects system. He had gotten it for a very reasonable price. I liked the sounds he was getting so I decided to look for an inexpensive way to add some 'color' to my sound. I ended up buying the RP-3.

The good news is that the RP-3 is a good little multi-effects box. For the $s you can't go wrong with this box, especially if you are a beginner.

The bad news, at least for me is that I spent way to much time fiddling with the settings on the RP-3 than I did practicing. And even though the RP-3 has a lot of different effects, most of them are only 'ok'. In the end I sold the RP-3. I use to maintain a page of patches. But since I sold the RP-3 it doesn't make sense to maintain that page anymore.

Danelectro DanEcho

Love it! Like all of the original Danelectro pedals, the DanEcho is built like a tank. The DanEcho has plenty of digital echo options. The DanEcho can simulate a 'tape type' echo. I use the DanEcho to get a good match to The Edge's tone. Check out all the reviews at Harmony-Central.

I own a Dunlap Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah (JH-1) pedal which is a good solid pedal. If you want the Hendrix Wah Wah effect this is a good Wah Wah pedal to get.

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