This short document is provided to as a simple set of instructions on how to install Hero Combat Manager for all versions after 1.12.

Why did things change

The free installer I was using no longer works.  I don't have the time or interest in fixing it (it is open source but it seems to have been abandoned a while back).  I have not found another open source installer that will let me make installers for Windows, Mac and 'Unix' flavored OSes.  So I have returned to a very old school method, zip files.

What do you need

You will need a program that will unzip files.

Steps to follow to install Hero Combat Manager

This readme file is to help you with installing the Hero Combat Manager onto your computer.

  1. Unzip the hcm-package.zip into a temporary directory
  2. You should have two files:
    1. ReadMe.txt - Same steps as you are reading now
    2. hcminstaller-#.##.zip - This zip file contains a version of Hero Combat Manager.  The version number is based on #.## in the file name
  3. Unzip the hcminstaller-#.##.zip so that the HeroCombatManager folder (directory) is unzipped in a folder (directory) you have full rights to.  For Windows systems I would recommend installing it into a C:\Applications folder that you create.  I can't make similiar recommendations for Mac or Linux systems because I don't own those systems.
  4. Once unzipped the folder HeroCombatManager has the following items:
    • export folder - This folder contains the custom Hero Designer combat record export files that are needed to export characters from Hero Designer to be used by Hero Combat Manager.
    • hcm.jar - This is the actual Hero Combat Manager Java program
    • HCM_UserManual.pdf - This is the user manual
    • HeroCombatManager.gif - part of the icon that shows up when Hero Combat Manager is running
    • HeroCombatManager.ico - The desktop icon for Hero Combat Manager
    • ReleaseNotes-#.##.txt - A list of bug fixes and new features in this release

    You will need to manually create a short cut to your desktop.  If you don't know how to do this use your favorite search engine to look it up on the Internet.

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