Hero Combat Manager in Action

The embedded video shows how I am using Hero Combat Manager to run a combat session with my players.  Some warnings about this video.

  • It is 30 minutes long.  This is a single combat session with six player characters vs.major monster.
  • I am running the Valdorian Age campaign where magic is rare and strange and dangerous.  So running into a monster at all is epic.
  • The characters all started as 175 point characters but are now approaching 300 points.  The player characters are suppose to be as skilled and tough as Conan, Aragon, Gimli, or Legolas in battle.
  • Three of the players are teenagers and the other two are their mom's.  The two mom's are good at role-playing but really haven't learned very much about how the combat rules work (even after almost 2 years).

I didn't start recording until Turn 0, Phase 12 was almost over.

  • Many of the characters had only made 1/2 moves at this time and were holding their remaining actions.
  • The Metal Golem, a temple guardian, had been activated and was looking for the first intruder to kill.
  • The main fighter, Raganash, is on the opposite side of the room. 
  • Because some players don't know their character sheets all that well, a GM being able to look at critical information via Hero Combat Manager is very helpful.
  • Dice rolling has been modeled exactly the same way as how players roll dice.  The program generates three separate d6 rolls for too hit rolls.  Also the GM can see critical hits and misses.


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