Hero Combat Manager

Hero Combat Manager is an application which allows Game Masters who use the HERO Games to run role playing game combat more effectively.  Game Masters can easily be overwhelmed by the bookkeeping required to run combat where there are more than a few combatants. 

System Requirements

It is necessary to be running a system which has a version of Java 1.6 (or more current).  The Game Master also needs to own a copy of the Hero Designer application.


Current features include

  • Load Combat Record which contains all combatants (player and non-player)
    • While loading each combatant is identified as either a player or non-player character
    • Non-player characters can be 'multiplied' which allows for 'squads' of non-player characters
  • Save Combat Record with the current state of the characters so the combat can be started at a later time
  • Save the turn and phase with the Combat Record so combat can be started where the players ended the last session.
  • Manage turn and phase tracking based on speed and dexterity of the characters. Characters can attack, hold, move, or recover during their 'turn'. If a phase ends with characters in a 'held' state it is possible to then process those characters. Any character in a held state is always included in the next available segment until they either act or their own phase comes up.
    • Be able to select a character that is 'holding' their action while other characters can still act in the phase.
  • Attack Management
    • Allow Player Characters to attack Non-Player Characters
    • Allow Non-Player Characters to attack Non-Player Characters
    • Non-Player Characters
      • To hit rolls will be rolled by the program (critical hits and failures are displayed)
      • GM can modify the OCV/OMCV based on the current situation (combat levels, maneuvers, etc) before rolling to hit
      • Amount of Stun and Body is based on the number of dice entered by the GM for the attack
      • Track End, Stun and Body
      • Track the state of the NPC (Ready, Acted, Stunned, Knocked Out, Dead)
    • Amount and type of damage is determined by
      • Kinds of attacks:
        • Normal
        • Killing
        • NND
        • Mental Blast
        • Mental Illusion
        • Mind Scan
        • Mind Control
        • Telepathy
        • Entangle
        • Flash
        • Aid / Drain
      • Kinds of defenses physical, energy, mental, power, and flash
      • Attack advantages such as area of effect, armor piercing, penetrating, and/or autofire
      • GM can select multiple targets when an AoE attack is used.  Damage is applied to all the targets (as appropriate)
      • Special defenses such as damage resistance
      • Optional/Additional Defenses for NPC. So if a character has an energy shield which gives 5 rPD/rED protection vs everything but it also gives an additional 10 rED vs. laser beams this not handled. So allowing the GM to "add" additional PD/ED (non-resistant and resistant) for a NPC where appropriate needs to be added
  • Display potential attack options (powers, equipment, or martial arts)
  • Display potential defense options (powers, equipment or martial arts) for character being attacked.
  • Allow the GM to manage Endurance
  • Display the following tables:
    • Combat Maneuvers
    • Damage Class
    • Mental Illusion
    • Mind Control
    • Mind Scan
    • Range Modifiers
    • Telepathy
    • Presence Attack

Current Limitations

The core combat rules found in HERO System 5th Edition and HERO System 6th Edition provide role playing gamers a wide variety of options. The 6th Edition is a rule book that is over 700 pages long, with over 100 pages devoted exclusively to combat.  The goal of the initial release of Hero Combat Manager is to provide tool which assists the GM in managing the combat for most circumstances.

The following combat rules are not modeled directly in Hero Combat Manager. 

  • Minimum Damage from Injuries – This is currently documented as a low priority bug.  The GM can do this manually by using the GM Adjust button to adjust the Stun of the target character.
  • Optional Effects of Damage – The only optional effects of damage which has been implemented is bleeding.  Future releases of Hero Combat Manager will implement the Optional Effects of Damage rules.
  • Other Damage Effects – Hero Combat Manager does not implement any of the Other Damage Effects rules.  The GM can use the GM Adjust button to simulate the “STUNNED – DEAD” and “ONE-HIT WONDERS


Hero Combat Manager can be purchased now from the HERO Games.

Bug/Issue Reports

Please use the following online form to submit bug/issue reports.


Training videos have been provided at Youtube



#3 David Tannen 2014-05-21 14:55

Quoting Obsidian:
I loved the system enough to buy it on sight, My only complaint is I cannot figure a way to track transformation damage

Thank you for purchasing Hero Combat Manager. Currently HCM does not support transformation damage.

Also the best way to get support is on the Hero Game site's forum.
#2 Obsidian 2014-05-21 05:42
I loved the system enough to buy it on sight, My only complaint is I cannot figure a way to track transformation damage
+1 #1 David 2013-08-23 21:58
How can I get a copy of this? Is it still in Beta, I can't find it on the HERO store and the forum topic seems to end in Dec 2012.
I have seen the you tube videos and wanted to find out more, possibly get a copy or a timed demo or similar to have a better look at it.
Really keen to find something that will do the trick, I have been running/playing HERO for ~30 years and combat is y one bugbear with the system.

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