Book Review - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Mr. Lencioni has written a modern "Leadership Fable" (his words) to describe five common dysfunctional behaviors that are found in all teams.  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team could easily be read over a weekend because Mr. Lencioni has a captivating writting style.  I found myself very interested in finding out what would happen next with Kathryn Petersen, DecisionTech's CEO (the leader of this fable), and her executive team.  The five dysfunctional model that Mr. Lencioni reminds me a of a negative version of the Maslow Hierarchy of need

Each of the chapters explores one or more of the five dysfunctions as the team interacts with each other.  There are also some interesting changes in the executive team as the book progresses, at least two that caught me by surprise.

The last quarter of the book provides some simple how to material so that a team lead can get started using the material in their own team setting.

This book is a good book to have as either an introduction or a reminder about how to deal with dysfunctional teams.  It is not a end-all book on the topic.  If I was a manager of managers I would probably purchase this book for my managers after my 2nd offsite meeting with them.

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