Book Review "The Agile Samurai - How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software"

The Agile Samurai - How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software by Jonathan Rasmusson is intended for someone who is already familiar with Agile principles and may in fact be part of or leading an Agile project.  Mr. Rasmusson provides an excellent and quick overview of what Agile is and is not at the beginning of the book.  He then delves into some very key areas which I believe have been missing in other Agile books and training materials that I have seen.  Mr. Rasmusson's concepts of the Incepton Deck, Elevator Pitch (not a new concept), and Product Box and how to create these work products alone make the book worth owning.

Mr. Rasmusson also does a good job providing a high level understanding about how to write user stories, do estimates, iteration and release planning.  There are whole books and training courses on these topics, which he references.  The Agile Samurai provides a good starting point for these topics.  I have found this book so useful that I will be writing to a blog on topics from this book for quite some time.  You will find those blogs

The The Agile Samurai is an excellent book and anyone who is working on an Agile project should get a copy, read it and put it into practices as soon as possible.

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