Transitions - New teams means new opportunities

Before I explain the transitions I want to close out what happened with the broken shred/daily builds that I wrote about last week (Oops we broke it - Should have followed the process).  In the end it took until Tues. of this week, or almost one whole week, to resolve the broken shred/daily build.  I am not sure the organization really learned all that much from this disaster.  Because the daily build was broken my former teams could not build their QA environment so no testing was done for over a week.  That basically meant that all the stories those teams worked on will not be done for this sprint.  That should push back the delivery date another sprint but I am not sure the management team is willing to explain that to the executive team or board.  Oh well that is now my replacement's problem.

As the title of this article indicates I am transitioning to be the Scrum Master for two other teams.  I am transitioning primarily for personal reasons (read about those in my Yellow Brick Road blog).  And I am glad for the transition.  The two teams I am working with are working with a system which is in production and they have been working together on this product for about two years.  They have been able to regularly put out releases.  I have seen working demos already.  And in fact I have seen a number of really excellent Agile practices in place.

I have also seen some places where I can make improvements.  Some of those improvements are just tightening up basic Agile practices the team already knows how to do but has gotten lax about.  Some of those improvements are actually fundamental changes in behavior which will take longer to implement and will cause some pain and will probably slow things down but over time should dramatically improve productivity.  So watch for further articles as I document the changes I am going to make.

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