Self Organizing teams - Part 2

Last week I wrote about the process of getting teams to self organize

Two weeks ago I asked the QA team to come up with a regression testing plan for our upcoming production sprint.  In our production sprints we do "full" regression testing and something called automated payroll compares.  We prepare everything for deployment into the production environment.  Although Agile says every sprint should be ready for production there is work that has to be done to make it production ready after all the features have been tested and mini-regressions have been run.  If you know how to avoid this please provide some comments to this article.

So the QA team spent some time working up a regression testing plan and some questions about how to implement it to meet my expectations.  By talking through those questions we have arrived at a plan that essentially is their plan, which meets my expectations.  The details are theirs the big picture is mine.

Eventually they will also own the big picture and I will only need to guide them to think about the big picture and help them think about the process of coming up with the details.  Then they will be self-organizing.

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