Release Sprint (Part 3)

As I wrote last week, Release Sprint (Part 2), we were in the bind of trying to overcome two days of network outage.  Some of the members of the offshore team volunteered to work some extra time on Sat. to try and help catch up.  By Tues. morning it was very clear we were not going to be ready for a Thursday release.  A quick poll of the key technical staff resulted in a no go decision which the product owner agreed with.  The organization as a whole also agreed with the decision.

And that is how these decisions should be reached.  Instead of mandatory overtime to meet arbitrary dates we try to meet the dates as best we can and make sure that we produce a quality product.  The organization would rather put out a quality product for a our customer than meet a date and have a bunch of bugs that need to be fixed.

We start a new sprint on Monday and we had to carry over a few items from the release sprint to make sure that we keep track of them.  They have very few hours associated with them and the team believes they can have them done by Monday (Indian time).

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