Review of ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 77mm Digital White Balance Filter - Neutral

One of the problems I found when I went from shooting black and white film photography to digital color work is that nightclubs with the low lighting I was getting a great number of poor quality photographs due to white balancing.  I am not fond of spending time in Photoshop trying to fix these kinds of problems and it is hard to use a white balance card in these situations.

That is where the ExpoImaging ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filter has become a life saver.  I will freely admit that I am not using it entirely correctly because I would have to stand on the stage where the musician is going to perform and then take a shot of lights to get the white balance.  Right now I don't stand in the exact spot where the musician is at.  I get close and then take the photograph of the lights as best as I can.  It works out pretty well.

This was a good $100 investment in my photography bag of tricks. (out of five)


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