On the Yellow Brick Road

First time for everything

The first thing I need to do is explain why this is called On the Yellow Brick Road ...  If you had told me five years ago (~2003) "You are going to be in Topeka Kansas in a few years." I would have laughed in your face.  I just could not imagine a reason why I would end up in Topeka Kansas.

Here I am in Topeka Kansas.  This is the smallest place I have ever lived since I got out of school. Well aside from living in Niceville, Florida one summer with my parents between college semesters.  It has taken some getting use to living in Topeka and I have come to like it a lot.

One of the best things about people in Kansas is they are genuinely helpful.  If you ask for help you are going to get help.  Kansans seem to help each other with both little and big things.  It is something I noticed after we moved here.  Now I have lived in seven cities since I graduated from high school and I think I can say this trait of Kansans is not found everywhere in the USA.

Another great thing about being here is that I am supporting my lovely wife in her call as the ordained pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church.   Most Sunday's I get to hear a fantastic sermon (I am only a bit biased) and I am inside a sanctuary which feels and looks holy.

Our two children are enjoying growing up here in Topeka.  They have both found wonderful scout troops (Boy Scout & Girl Scout).  

I guess I still haven't answered why this is called On the Yellow Brick Road have I?  Well just like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, I am on a journey down the road of life.  Dorthy was looking to go home. I am just learning how to be at home where ever I am at.  Come along for the journey who knows where it will lead.