Book Review: A Leap of Faith Takes Courage

Note:  Jay Johnston, the author of A Leap of Faith Takes Courage, and I are friends. 

Over the years I have read a number of motivational books.  Many of them were by famous authors and almost all of them were very helpful at various points in my life.  A Leap of Faith Takes Courage is a motivational book by Jay Johnston.  What Mr. Johnston has done in his book is boiled down his own experiences and how he has become motivated into a very slim book.  Mr. Johnston's writing style is very crisp and to the point.

A Leap of Faith Takes Courage has eleven chapters which follow a simple and effective pattern.  Each chapter starts and ends with a famous quote about the topic the chapter will cover.  Mr. Johnston then provides both personal and general context about the topic.  At the end of each chapter Mr. Johnston includes a number of questions to help the reader evaluate what they have read and put into action what they have learned.  The book even includes some white pages for journaling about what the reader has just finished reading.

The one weakness in the book is the inclusion of a few too many clichés.  But I consider that a minor weakness.

The one thing I am sure I will do with A Leap of Faith Takes Courage is to re-read it again.  I can't say that about most of the motivational books I have bought.  The reason is that I can sit down and re-read A Leap of Faith Takes Courage over the course of one week and journal my thoughts based on those chapters.

If you wish to purchase a copy you can buy them from A Leap of Faith Takes Courage website.

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