Tibi Semper Ero Paravit

I will always be prepared

When I started thinking about creating a new website I decided that I would like a logo and motto that reflected more about who I am and how I see myself.


Using a shield as the basic shape for my logo is a natural outgrowth of my desire to be noble, honorable, heroic, and adventurous.  I haven't always lived up to those ideals but they are a part of who I am (and just as true as I am a cynic).  I selected Azure as the color for the shield because it often represents loyalty.  This is a quality that I have not always lived up to but one which I aspire to live up to.


There are five symbols on the shield that represent important parts of my life.  First there is the headstock of a Fender guitar.  I have played the guitar since 1994.  My guitar playing is a work in progress wink

The second is the Crossroads of US Highway 61 and 49 a well known symbol for the blues.  I fell in love with blues music when I started listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and started learning who Stevie Ray Vaughan covered.

The third symbol is a classic 20 sided dice, which is known to anyone who has played any tabletop role playing game, especially Dungeons and Dragons.  When I was in college I started playing tabletop role playing games.  I recently started game mastering again (see Valdorian Age - Rising Power on the Frontier).

The forth symbol is camera.  A friend of mine once commented that "All Tannen's are born with a camera in their hands."  That isn't exactly true but it is close.  My grandfather was an excellent photographer (film/slides and a darkroom in his basement).  He passed on his great 'eye' to my dad and dad passed that on to me.  I have combined my love of photography with blues to document many great blues artists while they were performing.  Some of these great artists are no longer with us but their music and the images I captured are still around to enjoy.   You can find my work at Photographs.

The fifth symbol is the cross that divides the shield.  It is a subtle symbol.


Tibi Semper Ero Paravit, which means I will always be prepared, grew out of both my Boy Scout experience and my being a worse case scenario planner.

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