Shutting down JC Disciples Site

Over the years I have maintained the JC Disciples website and put up a lot of content, especially photographs.  I am shutting down this site for a number of reasons.


There have been two major upgrades to Joomla and I have not been able to upgrade to those versions because:

  • My current ISP won't upgrade the underlying software needed to support the upgrades
  • Moving to a new ISP is a lot of work
  • Upgrading from the current version of the site to a new version which is two major revisions past the one I have is very hard


  • The majority of this site has been photographs.  Unfortunately all of those photographs take up a great deal of disk space which is a major cost.
  • To buy the throughput needed to maintain this site is also expensive


When I started this site I intended to write more about my Christian faith and I haven't spent very much time writing about my faith.  The fact of the matter is I don't have much to say about my Christian faith anymore.  I am still a Christian and I want to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ but I don't have enough to say about that topic to feel like the domain name meets me where I am at and presents me in a transparent manner.

My new site,, will focus on my life in a broad sense.  It will more honestly reflect my current interests and thoughts.

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