Alpine Valley

I want to be very clear about my review of this show. I would NOT recommend this show if you have very few Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble live shows.

This CD-R set (3 CDs) is a "remastering" of the Alpine Valley show that is often for sale on the net. A member of the TexasFlood found the the "master" of this show which has both SRV & DT's complete set and Eric Clapton's complete set on it. This individual then cleaned up the original mono recording so that it is listenable.

But the problem with this recording of the show is that the sound quality is muddy, the mix is hit-and-miss, and it is overall a poor audience recording. Most folks would be much happier with one of the shows I have rated as First Concert in Europe, Jammed Together - Texas Style, Live at the Metropolitan Center, Stilleto Rain, or The Timothy White Interviews.

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