Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live At Carnegie Hall Review

This live CD is in fact truly a live show, unlike Live Alive. This CD contains smokin' versions of Scuttle Buttin', Testifyin', and Cold Shot. The second half of the show Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Troublebring on George Rains (a 2nd drummer), Dr. John (on organ & piano), the five-man horn section from Roomfulof Blues, Jimmie Vaughan on rhythm guitar, and Angela Strehli for vocals on C.O.D.

SRV & DT knew that their blues heros never got a chance to play at Carnegie Hall, so they decided to play some classic blues songs. On this CD there are excellent versions of Letter to My Girlfriend (Guitar Slim), The Things That I Used to Do (Guitar Slim/Muddy Waters), C.O.D. (Albert King), and Iced Over (Albert Collins).

There are two problems with this CD. The first one is the crowd noise, especially during the song Lenny.The second problem is that the original show was much longer than ~71 minutes (as found on this CD). The entire show was recorded with the intent of making a live show available on CD. For some reason this show was not released as a double CD set.

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