Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session Review

From CD jacket: "Anyone who's witnessed a much anticipated jam session only to be disappointed --with each participant deferring to the other, the end result being that night ever got out of first gear -- will welcome this pairing of two giants of blues guitar. Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan obviously shared mutual admiration. But it simply wasn't in either one's makeup to a) be intimidated or b) take a backseat to anyone. Not without kicking up a little dust."

Previously the only way to get this session was in Import form, on Jammed Together - Texas Style.Now it is possible to get a totally 'legal' copy of this incredible live performance between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King. Albert King, as the blues master, careful instructs and encourages Stevie Ray to keep working and improving his skills.

This CD has Stevie Ray Vaughan playing with Albert King at the CHCH Studios (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - 11/1983). You can hear every note and all of the vocals on this CD.

I really enjoyed listening to Stevie and Albert King talking to each other between the tracks. It was also great to hear Stevie playing something other than his standard fair. If you like Albert King at all, then you have toget this CD.

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