Stevie Ray Vaughan - In The Beginning Review

From CD jacket: "In The Beginning is a snapshot of Stevie Vaughan before he became Stevie Ray Vaughan: before his silk kimonos and black somberos became trademarks, before his incendiary Montreux Jazz Festival appearance, before his recording contract, before his studio stint with David Bowie. but one listen to The Guitarist who ignites In The Beginning will reveal that Stevie Vaughan did not grow up in public. He emerged full-blown as essentially the same artist who played his last solos alongside Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and Jimmie Vaughan on August 27, 1990."

In the Beginning captures SRV & DT playing live at Steamboat 1874 in Austin Texas on April 1, 1980.The show was broadcast live on KGSR-FM in Austin Texas. There are a number of smokin' blues coversongs on this live CD, including Tin Pan Alley, In the Open, They Call me Guitar Hurricane, Tell Me, and Shake for Me.

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