Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar World Interview/Lessons

This CD is a Guitar World exclusive offer to the subscribers of Guitar World. The offer was madein 1999 and I don't know how long the offer is (was) good for and if they ever plan on making the CD a general release.

The CD is a compilation of from two different interviews by Guitar World's senior editor Andy Aledort.The first ten tracks were recorded at the NY offices of Epic Records on June 23, 1989. Tracks 11-17 were recorded on December 2, 1986, in Poughkeepsie, NY. The CD provides some excellent information on SRV guitar playing and setup. The liner notes also come with tablature so it is possible to learn how to play along with Stevie during the interview.

This CD is a must for any guitar playing SRV fan. For other SRV fans, this CD is not particularly valuable or interesting.

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