Stevie Ray Vaughan's Guitar called "Red"

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"Red" is the rosewood fretboard guitar he regularly used on "Love Struck Baby", and I think it was the first guitar on which he grafted a left-handed neck later on.


I just saw the Rock Influences video for the first time recently, and Stevie was playing a guitar I've never seen. It might have been 'Red' but I don't think it had the Hendrix lefty neck and it had what looked like a black pickguard. Stevie used it on Come On (Part III). Anybody know if this was an additional guitar in Stevie's collection?





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I have not seen the video you mention, so I'm not sure about that guitar. Could have been Red... did it have a worn area where his right arm would have rubbed against the guitar body? If so, was that worn area black? Red originally had a right-handed, rosewood neck. I *think* it was late 1986 when Stevie put a lefty neck on Red. I know in February, 1987 it was a lefty.


Also, I seem to remember an interview where Stevie said he was having neck problems with Number One during the recording of In Step, and only used it for "The House is Rocking" and "Crossfire." I think he said he used mostly Scotch and Red (not Lenny, except for "Riviera Paradise") on In Step. I'm certain that's Scotch on "Leave My Girl Alone", and Red on "Travis Walk".

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