Stevie Ray Vaughan's Guitar called "Scotch"

Cream-colored 1963 Strat received from Rene Martinez

"Scotch" was a semi-mongrel 1963 Strat, a sort of a dark cream-colored ("butterscotch") body with a rosewood neck, and a "tiger-stripe" pickguard custom-made by Rene Martinez. Stevie favored this Strat once Number One began having serious neck problems. A notable change to this guitar was the installation of a brass nut, rather than the bone nuts that Stevie used on his other guitars. In late 1989, Stevie swapped the neck from Scotch onto Number One, and installed a left-handed neck onto Scotch. Stevie regularly played this guitar on "Leave My Girl Alone" on stage, and it was well on its way to becoming the "replacement" for Number One.

Information and comments pulled from archived TexasFlood mailing list digests.

The butterscotch one was a '60 or '61, with a right-handed tremolo.

There is the guitar that Stevie played on "Leave My Girl Alone" on the 1990 ACL show. It used to have a white pickguard, but he changed it to one of those, well, "tiger stripe" pickguards that Buddy Guy also was fond of. This might be "Scotch", since it's that creamy yellow color.

In an interview Stevie said he was having neck problems with Number One during the recording of In Step, and only used it for "The House is Rocking" and "Crossfire." I think he said he used mostly Scotch and Red (not Lenny, except for "Riviera Paradise) on In Step. I'm certain that's Scotch on "Leave My Girl Alone", and Red on "Travis Walk".

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