Sat. Guitar Jam - Led a Song today (4/09/2011)

Since I came back to Minnesota, I have been coming to a Sat. morning jam at the Coffee Corner in downtown Minneapolis.  For a long time I was just coming and just listening to the music and enjoying the company at the jam.  About 1/2 the people knew I played guitar because we had jammed when I lived here before but what they didn't know was how much my guitar playing skills had deteriorated since living in Topeka Kansas.  Sometime in Jan. people at the jam started giving me a hard time about not bringing my guitar to the jam.  I also started trying to practice more regularly.  At the beginning of March I started bringing my guitar.  It has been wonderful playing with other people.

Today for some reason, even though I have been sick with a bad cough for a week, I decided to lead a song.  So I lead House of the Rising Sun.  It was only a minor train wreak .  That means I only stopped once during the song and everyone else playing covered for me.  My vocals were pretty bad as was my playing.  But now I am going to practice the heck out of that song and play it at every jam from now on until I get it down perfectly.

Hopefully the people on Sat. don't get sick of hearing it before I get ok at playing House of the Rising Sun and can move onto another song.

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