Review of Cooperstand Collapsible Compact Professional Guitar Stand

Every since I started going to the Sat. morning Jam sessions I realized I needed a guitar stand so I could put my guitar up every once in a while.  I didn't want to haul in my normal guitar stand.  Well a friend pointed out the Cooperstand Guitar Stand as a product I might want to check out.

The most important thing about a guitar stand is that it has to be sturdy enough to hold up your guitar.  The Cooperstand Guitar Stand meets this criteria.  While it isn't as sturdy as my most sturdy guitar stand it meets my needs for the Sat. morning Jam sessions.  The big advantage over many other small guitar stands is how small the Cooperstand Guitar Stand can fold up.  The Cooperstand Guitar Stand folds up to the size of a small box but thick book.

Cooperstand advertises that the Cooperstand Guitar Stand can be put under the headstock in a guitar case.  So far I have yet to find a guitar and guitar case where this is true.  But it is small and light enough that it will easily go into a guitarist jam bag.

(out of five)

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