Guitar Effects

The following companies provide effects for guitarists.

I own two DanElectro pedals, the Cool Cat and the DanEcho. Both are built like little tanks. I get the effects that I want from them.

I own a Dunlap Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah (JH-1) pedal which is a good solid pedal. If you want the Hendrix Wah effect this is a good Wah pedal to get.

Yes I admit it, I have a TS-9 Tubescreamer because I am a Stevie Ray Vaughan fan. Do I want to get SRV's tone? No. I just like the way the TS-9 gives me just the right amount of overdrive.

I own a Valvulator I Vacuum Tube Buffer/Power Supply from VHT Amplification. I am very pleased with what it did to improve my overall tone.

To hold my effects and keep a nice neat appearance I have a NGM Pedalboard Systems. I searched the net for a long time before deciding on the NGM Pedalboard. For my use the NGM Pedalboard was exactly what I needed.



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