The following Martial Art prefab packages are available to characters.


Racial Limitation


Focus on raw power.  No kicks or dodges.  Limited effectiveness against pure martial artists.
Commando Training
Every race has the equivalent of commando training.  Intent is to quickly train military recruits to fight when they are without their rifle or pistol.  Designed to kill their opponent quickly.  Moderately effective against a pure martial artist.
All members of the Minbari warrior caste receive this training.  All Rangers are also trained in this style of martial arts.  Someone who has trained in all the techniques of Kalan'tha is an extremely dangerous opponent.  There tend to be a great deal of flowing motions, locks/throws/joint breaks along with some punches and kicks.
Every race has the equivalent of karate.  A great deal of variety.  Some who master karate also learn how to apply their skills to specialized weapons.
Only Narn are taught these techniques.  Katak'eth is a martial art that focuses on the effective use of the Narn sword called a Katak.  Very few races still use swords in combat so this is a simple martial art but it is very effective at killing an opponent.
Kung Fu
Considered the most pure martial art that humans have developed so far.  A Kung Fu master is capable of defeating almost any opponent due there training and wide variety of skills.
Marine Corp Martial Training
Human (other races who use shock troops)
Very similar to Commando Training.  Again designed to kill an opponent quickly.  Skilled at using martial skills with a knife, club or bayonet (polearm).  More effective than someone with Commando Training against a pure martial artists due to a few more combat skills.
Muay Thai
On Earth this martial art is called Thai Kick Boxing.   Other races have similar martial arts which focus on kicking.  A fully trained Muay Thai martial artist is skilled at using their feet, hands, elbows and knees as weapons.
Minbari Pike Training
Minbari and Rangers
Minbari warrior class and Rangers are the only people taught these techniques.  A fully trained Minbari warrior or Ranger is capable of fighting multiple opponents at the same time.
Tae Kwon Do
Another classic human martial art.  Few other races have anything close to this style of martial art.  There is an equal focus on punches and kicks with this martial art.
Narn unarmed combat started as a form of meditative exercise until the Centauri invaded their space.  After that Then'sha'tur moved from a meditative exercise to a combat skill.Then'sha'tur exploits Narn's size, toughness and strength when compared to other races.  If a Narn using these skills can grab their opponent, it is likely they will crush them, possibly to death.
The Yolu developed a form of martial art that matches their particular intellectual and spiritual interests.  Almost all Yolu practice a form of this martial art.  For many it is merely a set of 'forms' (dance) in order to exercise and relax.  For others it is a deadly combat art which they use during the Mutai ("Trial of Blood").  The martial art focuses on redirection, joint locks/breaks, throws and a few punches and kicks.  A fully trained Tuk-za master is capable of beating almost any other type of martial artist.
On very rare occasions a Tuk-za master will train someone who is not Yolu.