Technomages are a group of sentient beings, mostly human but on rare occasions they may be one of the other races found in the galaxy.  Technomages use "science to create the appearance of magic."  The technology the technomages use consists of bio-technological implants. The process of installing the implants and adjusting to them is excruciatingly painful. The presence of these implants means that technomages are effectively cyborgs.

Every technomage was taught and sponsored by an older techno-mage, being fully initiated after a long period of apprenticeship. The two most common ways of gaining an apprentice are simply by having a child or by adopting children whose biological parents owe the technomage favors.

The Primal Abilities of the Technomage Implants are as follows. Invisibility, Communion through dreams with others across great distances, Shadow Skin (a type of energy shield), Destruction Sphere ("base" of the Fireball "spell"), Healing, Access to "Tech" outside of the Mage, and a type of energy blast (Access to "Inner Tech").  Some Technomages are able to create realistic illusions and are able to predict the future.

Technomage Characteristics

As a general rule a technomage primary characteristics are their intelligence and ego.  As a general rule of thumb most technomages are not any stronger, quicker, or sturdier than the average member of their race (i.e. base characteristics), except in the areas of intelligence, ego, endurance and maybe recovery.

Technomage Skills, Perks and Talents

  • Electronics
  • Inventor
  • Technomancy Spell Casting
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Systems Operation
  • Fringe Benefit - Member of Technomage society
  • Anonymity
  • Technomage Talent
Technomage Powers

A technomage's powers all derive from their bio-technological implants.  It is possible to develop new powers.  The process is time consuming, expensive and painful.

All powers cost endurance to maintain.  Technomages have a VPP and the following powers:

  • Invisibility to sight and hearing - no fringe
  • Destruction Sphere - 2d6KA; 8m radius AoE, +2 Stun Multiplier
  • Dream Speak - Mind Scan + Telepathy (only to communicate)
  • Healing of any Characteristic - Takes time and requires a great deal of endurance
  • Image and Mental Illusion (single target)
  • Lightning - 6d6 Blast; 16m x 4m wide x 2m tall line AoE; Double knockback
  • Shadow Skin - 5 PD, 10 ED, 10 MD, 10 PD - Ablative Body
  • Distinctive Features : Technomage robes and baton/staff
  • Social Complication:  Subject to orders from Techmage council

Mustering Out Benefits

Technomages receive the following set of choices when they Muster Out

  • The cost of all monetary benefits double (2x)
  • Technomages cannot muster out with a ship
  • Double the number of Contacts for the same benefit cost
  • +2 PSL for Mind Scan per benefit cost
  • +1 INT Skill Rolls per benefit cost