The Rangers, also known as the Anla’Shok, are an ancient Minbari order of spies, warriors and agents created by Valen himself 1,000 years ago. The duty of the Rangers is to go into the dark places and bring word of the movements of old and terrible dangers to the leaders of the light. They were seen as hopeless anachronisms until recently, when the growing darkness called for a rebirth of the Anla’Shok. For the first time in their long history, they have begun to recruit non-Minbari to the cause. Most of these new Rangers are Human but a small number are from other races.

All Rangers are trained in Tuzanor on Minbar, in the famed City of Sorrows. The training cycle normally takes years but an accelerated program is in place to train new recruits when they are desperately needed. All Rangers are trained in the techniques of Tunalla (investigation), Tuvor (invisibility) and Veshii (intervention) – the three primary skills of the Anla’Shok – in addition to Minbari language and philosophy, combat (including the use of the feared denn’bok fighting pike) and other studies.

It is very uncommon for a Ranger to change to another profession.  It is very common for Ranger's to have a previous profession in the Military, Belter, Bounty Hunter, Explorer, Free Trader, Mercenary, Pilot, Prospector, Technician, or Trader

  • Contacts
  • Fringe Benefit: Anonymity
  • Language: Minbari or Human (Competely Fluent, Literate)
  • Stealth 
  • Navigation: Space
  • Navigation: Hyperspace
  • PS: Zero-G Ops
  • PS: Ranger
  • KS: (Patrol Area)
  • KS: Forces of Light & Dark, the B5 mythos
  • TF: Space Vehicles Group
  • WF: Minbari Fighting Pike
  • +1 OCV with Pike


  • Social Complication: Answers to Superiors
  • Psychological Disadvantage: Ranger Code "Live For the One, Dine for the One"

Mustering Out

Rangers received a much smaller set of choices when they Muster Out of the Rangers.

  • The cost of all monetary benefits double (2x)
  • Rangers cannot muster out with a ship
  • Double the number of Contacts for the same benefit cost