1.  Select a Playable Race

The most important decision made when creating a character will be the Playable Races.  Each Playable Races has benefits and disadvantages.

1a. Character Archetypes

Character archetypes in a science fiction campaign are both similar too and different from other genres.  Please consult the Character Archetypes article to help you in designing your character.

1b.  Hero Characteristics and Skills to consider

This campaign and the characters in it will be much more 'normal' in their skills and abilities as compared to a superhero or even a fantasy game.  Some guidelines to consider:

Combat oriented characters

If your character is ex-military or has some other martial background then it is expected that your character would have the following range of characteristics:

  • Strength - 13 to 15
  • Dexterity - 13 to 15
  • Constitution - 13 to 15
  • PD/ED - 4 to 8 for each
  • Speed - 3
  • OCV/DCV - 5 or maybe 6
  • OMCV/DMCV - 3
  • No more than +3 with your best combat ability and no more than +2 for penalty skill level offsets.  A single overall combat skill level to start out with is allowed.

If your character has abilities outside those ranges I would need a good reason as to why.

Non-combat oriented characters

Your character can hold their own in a bar room brawl with other normals and maybe hold down the fort in a shoot out but your character is not going to be able to take out someone with serious combat experience.

  • Strength - 8 to 13
  • Dexterity - 8 to 13
  • Constitution - 8 to 13
  • PD/ED - 3 to 5 for each
  • Speed - 2 (maybe 3)
  • OCV/DCV - 4 or maybe 5
  • OMCV/DMCV - 3
  • No more than +1 with your best combat ability and you can't have any penalty skill levels for combat.  Your character can not have an overall combat skill level to start out with.

2.  Select Career Path

A character will have a career path prior to becoming an 'adventurer/freelancer'.  Their career path is determined by selecting a profession or series of professions.

There are a very large number of professions available for the players to choose from.  These professions will help determine what characteristics and skills your character will have.   Characters start with a set of Everyman Skills

If a character wants to change professions after a single term (4 years), they can do so.  Changes within a common group of professions are allowed without prior approval from the GM.  Examples of professional groups are:  Government and Bureaucracies, Criminal, Degreed, Law Enforcement, Navy, Army, or Scout Services.  Changes between groups, for instance a Bureaucrat to an Intelligence Operative or Marine, must be pre-approved by the GM.  The character must stay in the newly selected profession for two terms (8 years) before any other profession changes can be made.

Leaving a Government Professions for a Civilian Professions can be done at the end of any term of service.  When the character starts their new profession, they are only required to serve one term (4 years).

Going from a Civilian Professions or General Government Professions to a Military Profession requires GM approval.

2a.  Rangers

To be a Ranger is to select a unique and difficult career.  Players should carefully consider becoming a Ranger, because your character will be subject to orders from superiors.  On the other hand a Ranger has a wide variety of abilities and unique contacts which could make playing a Ranger a great deal of fun.

2b.  Psionic

To be a Psionic, especially a human, means to be considered unique, special and in some cultures very valued and in other feared.  A significant amount of character points will need to be invested in order to be a mid-level Psionic.  Extremely powerful Psionics (see Alfred Bester and Jason Ironheart) are extremely powerful mentalists (almost approaching a point where their mental powers could challenge a 'super').  Playing a Psionic means the character will be narrowly focused on their psionic abilities.

2c.  Technomage

Technomages are a group of sentient beings, mostly human but on rare occasions they may be one of the other races found in the galaxy.  Technomages use "science to create the appearance of magic."  The technology the technomages use consists of bio-technological implants. The process of installing the implants and adjusting to them is excruciatingly painful. The presence of these implants means that technomages are effectively cyborgs.

Every techno-mage was taught and sponsored by an older techno-mage, being fully initiated after a long period of apprenticeship. The two most common ways of gaining an apprentice are simply by having a child or by adopting children whose biological parents owe the techno-mage favors.

The Primal Abilities of the Technomage Implants are as follows. Invisibility, Communion through dreams with others across great distances, Shadow Skin (a type of energy shield), Destruction Sphere ("base" of the Fireball "spell"), Healing, Access to "Tech" outside of the Mage, and a type of energy blast (Access to "Inner Tech").  Some Technomages are able to create realistic illusions and are able to predict the future.

3.  Mustering Out

When a character has finished their 'main career path' and decides to become either a 'freelancer or adventurer' they have the opportunity to collect benefits from their previous career choices.  This is what "mustering out" means.

Mustering out is generally associated with the race of the character.  Some career paths will make adjustments to the mustering out options.

4.  Hero Designer Files

All of the Hero Designer Files are on Google Drive and are shared with anyone with the link.  You will want to follow these instructions (or instructions and as always Uncle Google is available to ask how to do it) so that that folder stays in Sync with your Google desktop.

You should then be able to user Hero Designer to open the files directly from the Google Drive.