The Minbari Federation is the state composed of Minbar, other colony worlds of the Minbari people, and their protectorates.


The government of the Minbari Federation is a combination of clan and caste traditions going back thousands of years combined with relatively-newer governing bodies established by Valen.

Grey Council

The Grey Council is the highest governing body in the Federation. The group is made up of nine Satai - three from each caste - with each member speaking for their own caste. The council is led by a Chosen One who acts as the voice of the council, but does not vote in their deliberations.

The first Grey Council was formed by Valen circa 1260, who intended to strike a balance between the three castes who had, until that point, often been in conflict with one another. To this end, Valen called forth the first council of nine, made up of three from each of the three castes.